We’ve all had those moments when a few spoonfuls of ice cream ended up being an entire pint or a few bites of chips turned into a whole bag. Let’s be honest, in times of stress, loneliness or maybe even boredom, there are instances when we can’t help but turn to food for comfort and satisfaction. Though it is quite normal to have these episodes, the problem lies when these emotional eating practices turn into habits, especially when we don’t realize it.

Though food is naturally part of our daily needs, just like how everything that’s taken in excess can be harmful, food is not an exception. Even more so to someone who has decided to take the path towards living a healthier lifestyle. But then, this shouldn’t stop us from making those healthier choices for the sake of improving our overall health. Just take, for example, one of our BestShape Besties, Elizardo who has had his own bouts with emotional eating.

Elizardo has been really open about his fitness struggles because for the longest time, he’s been battling with his weight until the day he decided, with full determination, that it’s time to prioritize his health and make the necessary changes to his lifestyle to achieve a healthier version of himself. And he hopes that by sharing his transformation story, he’ll be able to encourage others, who have also been experiencing the same struggles that he’s had, with his fitness journey.

Q: What are your fitness or weight loss struggles?

A: During my fitness journey ako ay na-frustrate sa pagpapapayat kasi palagi akong nag-stress eating. Higit sa lahat, mas mahirap kapag nakakaranas ako ng emotional eating. Yung tipong, sa lahat na lang ng kilos mo, pagkain ang lagi mong naiisip. Kaya naman madalas, tuwing kumakain ako, hindi ko napipigilang mag-over eating lalo na sa sobrang stress. Sobrang grabe ng struggles na naranasan ko, lalo na pagdating sa disiplina sa pagkain, bago ko ma-achieve ang tamang routine para ma-abot ang weight loss goals ko.

Q: What helped you get through those struggles?

A: Ang pinaka-nakatulong sa akin na malagpasan yung mga struggles ko sa pagpapapayat ay ang self-discipline. Dahil gusto ko na talagang maghealthy living kasi sawa na ako sa pagiging mataba. Kaya naman with determination, sinubukan kong isama ang fasting at exercise sa aking daily routine. Nagtanong din ako sa kaibigan ko na Pharmacist sa kung ano kayang pwedeng gawin or inomin kapag nagpapapayat. He endorsed yung BestShape apple cider vinegar capsule na food supplement daw na nakakatulong for weight loss. Hindi na ako nag dalawang isip na mag-take nito. Bumili agad ako ng isang box ng BestShape. After ko ma-ubos yung 30 capsules, nagtimbang ako. Halos 8 kilos ang nabawas sa akin kaya regular ko na siya iniinom. From 113 kilos, 75 kilos na lang ako ngayon. Sobrang laki ng improvement hindi lang sa weight ko pati sa overall health. Grabe, BestShape ACV with fasting and exercise is the key.

Q: What is your advice to people who are struggling to find the motivation for losing weight?

A: Sa mga gustong magpapayat katulad ko, wag kayong maging impatient sa progress niyo lalo na kapag nag-dadiet po kayo. Dapat patient lang po tayo and consistent sa pagfollow ng healthy habits na okay para sa atin tulad ng pag-fasting every day. Nirerecommend ko din yung pag-take ng supplements tulad ng BestShape apple cider vinegar tapos samahan niyo na rin ng kahit konting exercise at talagang ma-achieve niyo yung fitness goals niyo ng maaga.

Lastly, let’s remember that even though it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to achieve our fitness goals, we also need to be kinder to ourselves with every progress that we make. And that focusing more on building healthy habits can be the key to shaping the best version of ourselves. And don’t forget that BestShape, together with the endless support from our Besties, will be there with you every step of the way.

Ready to start shaping the best you like Elizardo? You can enjoy all the BestShape apple cider vinegar benefits for only P10.00 per capsule. You can also buy BestShape at all leading drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, and Rose Pharmacy. You can also order online via Shopee and Lazada!

Remember to make healthy choices and start the #BestShapehabit today!

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