When it comes to fitness, having a nurturing community can play a significant role in encouraging others into living a healthy lifestyle. We know most of us have decided to take on a healthier path, but it’s always easier said than done. Believe us when we say that we understand your struggles and know that it’s not always easy to make healthier choices, but the good news is, no matter how hard it may seem, we are all capable of achieving our fitness goals.

And to share her own transformation experience, we’ve invited Abi, one of our BestShape Besties to answer some questions and tell us more about her fitness journey in hopes to inspire others to shape their best selves.

Abi is currently in her mid-twenties and the eldest of five siblings. As a public servant she’s always in need of a lot of energy. Between community service, public events, and meetings, from left and right, she’s always had a lot in her mind which made her resort to revenge eating to cope up with her busy schedule and this then resulted into her gaining weight and eventually becoming sluggish at work. With this, she finally decided to take control of her health.

Q: What are your fitness or weight loss struggles?

A: Mental health and my insecurities are huge part of my struggles. Ever since I was a child, I always got teased for having so much weight, and that continued up until I was in college. There were also times when it affected my mental health because all I can think about is my weight. Even though I tried many times to cut down on what I ate and did lots of exercises, I still couldn’t reach my weight goal.

Q: What helped you get through those struggles?

A: One day I asked for some weight loss advise from a close friend of mine. And from there, we decided to take on our fitness journey together. We would go to the gym together and she also recommended that I take BestShape apple cider vinegar capsule. At first, I was hesitant to try it because I’ve never really been a fan of food supplements, so I did my research and found out that aside from being good for weight loss, it also helps me with my blood sugar & cholesterol levels. After a month of taking Bestshape, I wasn’t the only one who noticed the changes. I was able to lose weight while still eating what I want. I’ve also started to gain confidence because I can now wear the clothes, that didn’t fit me before, without hesitation. I know I still have a way to go but I’m glad that I have my friend and BestShape acv with me to take on this journey.

Q: What is your advice to people who are struggling to find the motivation for losing weight?

A: Don’t lose hope because every day is a new beginning. Let’s be kinder to ourselves and remember that even baby steps are considered progress that are worth being celebrated. Some days would always be better than others but whenever you feel unmotivated, just remember who you are when you first started and appreciate your progress. Learn to celebrate you and surround yourself with people who would support you all throughout your journey.  And of course, don’t be afraid to take an extra step to take care of your health like taking supplements such as Bestshape apple cider vinegar.

Lastly, the path to a healthy lifestyle might seem long but the best part is that BestShape together with the endless support from our Besties, will be there with you along the way. So, let’s keep on empowering each other by creating an environment where everyone is supported and nurtured into becoming their best selves.

Ready to start shaping the best you like Abi? You can enjoy all the BestShape apple cider vinegar benefits for only P10.00 per capsule. You can also buy BestShape at all leading drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, and Rose Pharmacy. You can also order online via Shopee and Lazada!

Remember to make healthy choices and start the #BestShapehabit today!

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